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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 29, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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thanks to you. did your mom tell you? yeah, she said you somehow found a sample of the drug. how did you find it? where? someone has a friend with a beautiful rose garden. skye: wow, thanks. who even knows i'm here? "sorry to hear about your friend, bert." bert? what? jeff, what is it? (cell phone ringing) yeah, e.j. whoa, slow down. what?! bert? bert?! you need to step back, sir. what happened? gunshot wound. what? oh, god. e.j.: jeff! e.j., what the hell happened?! the police found him at home. he was shot? i don't know. i think so. they said it was a home invasion. (car horn honks)
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(cell phone ringing) sakelik: i warned you. what the hell did you do? it's what you did. good night, mr. sefton. (tires screech) captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> tough talk from north korea against the united states. how close it is to launching missiles against u.s. >> the roar of the blue angels could be silenced this year during fleet week. what has them grounded and fans disappointed? >> and bay area favorite, buster posey is rolling in the
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dough. the plan to make him the highest paid giant, ever. good evening, i'm julie watts, liz has the night off. >> and i'm ken bastida. north koreaen military chanting in support of their leader as he orders his military to prepare for a missile attack. tensions began earlier this month when they imposed new sanctions on north korea. that was after the country conducted a missile attack. after b2 bombers roared overhead and into the area for a bombing drill with south korea. the white house believes that there is more bluffing going on here than actual plans for war. as kpix5's allen martin tells us, what washington worries about most is a small attack on south korea that explodes into a much larger conflict.
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>> north koreaen soldiers cleared today. chanting, death to u.s. imperialism in a highly cooer cooreographed display. missiles targeting the united states. there's no evidence a north koreaen missile could reach the u.s. mainland. highlight the movement, which patrols pacific waters. and a state run news report announced the north koreaens are ready to target several targets, including u.s. bases in guam, south korea, and hawaii. north koreaen is common every spring when the united states and south korea engage in military exercises. but u.s. officials concede there is no way of knowing exactly what kim will do or when. >> the best theory is that north korea wants to scare the united states, china, or russia
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into lowering sanctions. nobody really thinks that north korea could hit the united states. the biggest threat is to south korea and japan. and u.s. bases there. here's a live look at downtown oakland where the temperature hit nearly 80 degrees today. paul says big changes are coming for this easter weekend. paul. >> i'll tell you what, we will see a big dip in temperatures coming in over the weekend. down to the 60s and then we're going to look at radar. already the evening, kpix5 is tracking some showers, just skirting the coastline. you may get a shower or two, but these showers will be moving inland. the same catalyst for the very warm and humid weather today. that's off to our west. will be the same storm system that slides into the bay area over the weekend and impact you
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both tomorrow and for easter sunday. a whole lot of cloud cover out there tomorrow morning with scattered showers. as the weekend wears on, not only will the threat of rain increase, but the threat of thunderstorms. we'll talk more about the thunderstorm risk and how much rain we expect this weekend. >> all right, looking forward to that, thanks, paul. several shots fired in east oakland this afternoon. at least one causing flying debris that injured a ten-year- old girl. the bullets flew about 5:00 near the corner of 82nd avenue and 8th street. the girl was treated at the hospital. she will be okay. it's unclear who fired the shot. >> a one-year-old boy who was injured by a bullet fragment is? good condition tonight. doctors in oakland successfully removed the fragment from elijah's neck. the boy was one of two people injured yesterday when a gunman opened fire. police say he was targeting a bicyclist, but a bullet fragment also struck the child inside an apartment.
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that bicyclist is expected to be okay. the gunman is still on the loose. police are offering a $25,000 reward. buster posey is 26 years old. tonight he is a rich man. a very, very rich man. the giants signed him to a nine- year contract worth, wait for it, $167 million. it is the giant's most expensive contract ever. >> the giants community, i don't see how i can play here and not spend your career here. >> the multimillion dollar deal includes a club option for the 2022 season. that could raise the value to $186 million. california sets the standard of reducing pollution, now the rest of the nation could soon follow. today the obama administration released its newest antipollution plan to reduce sulfur and gasoline.
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but the epa says it would cost drivers not only at the gas pump, but also add to the price of a new car. cbs reporter, randall pinkston on what our tough standards will mean for the rest of the country. >> the environmental protection agency wants gasoline make makers to clean up their act and lower sulfur with every fillup. >> that role by itself will have the effectiveness of taking 33 million cars off the road. >> the white house says a new standard will lead to cleaner air, cutting billions in healthcare costs, and saving as many as 2400 lives a year. >> dollar value of these health benefits will be over $23 billion of health benefits annually to the american public. >> the epa says the new rules will add a penny to the cost of a gallon of gasoline, but the oil industry says it's more like 8 cents a gallon or an extra $1.50 every time you fill
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up. gasoline is going to go up anyway. it seems to. why not spend more money if it's going to mean cleaner air? >> it's going to mean cleaner air, we are already doing it. >> rayola is an economist with the american petroleum institute. in the last decade, the industry has spent billions billions to lower sulfur emissions. these could be lower. >> greenhouse gas emissions will go up because they have to use more energy intensive equipment to comply with the regulation. >> the auto industry supports the new standards, the epa hopes to have in place by 2017. in washington, randall pinkston, kpix5. >> the new epa rules are the first of many similar regulations that could add more than 60 cents to a gallon of gas. >> it's a rare for palo alto. a home under a million dollars just hit the market and it's being called a bargain. in fact, it's the only house
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under the million dollar mark in the area. kpix5's kit doe is outside that home on park boulevard to show us what nearly a million dollars can buy you. kit. >> well, ken, not a whole lot. to borrow one of those, this place is cozy, but it is a starter home and because we are in palo alto, they'll have to readjust your expectations. >> 3507 park boulevard is the most affordable single family home on the market in palo alto right now. and it's no wonder just three bedrooms, one bathroom, squeezed into a thousand square feet. no family room, no air- conditioning, and higher crime than most parts of the city. what's more, the backyard right up against the train. up to 86 trains speeding by day and night. a house like this should be a bargain. >> it is listed at $9.98,
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which is very low. >> $998,000. >> that's right. >> almost a million $s. >> that's almost a million and a bargain. >> in fact, it's the only single family home on the market listed for under $1 million. michael with daily on realty says despite all the drawbacks, you are paying for the palo alto brand. >> schools, business climate, prestige. the infrastructure is great. the location, weather, everything comes together very well for people who get the opportunity to live here. >> sky high prices are the norm, so listing it for less than a million is actually an effective marketing technique. because it draws in more potential buyers and it works. last year, just 25 homes listed for under a million dollars. the majority sold for well over the asking price. >> and then once the potential buyers come in, they'll see past the flaw and they'll fall in love with the charm. and getting them in the door is important. if it's priced too high, people won't come and see it.
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>> and so the guess is that this house probably will end up going for around $1.1 million. now some of the neighbors tell us they bought their homes in the 1950s for about $15,000. >> yeah. you call it cozy. charming. i always love that. charming. >> they definitely know how to word things to play up the positives and play down the negatives. >> we'll be laughing now. kit doe in palo alto, thanks, kit. >> one of the greatest shows to grace the bay area could soon be canceled. the bickering that grounded the blue angels. i can't imagine not helping somebody in that situation. >> people saw it happen, but only one man jumped into action and now he's being called a hero. >> and a little door makes big
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the blue angels have been entertaining spectators across the country for years with their daring aerial displays. the roar of the navy's legendary flighter jets is about to go silent. cbs news reporter, mark strasman tells us the navy is already canceling a dons air shows. >> the mandatory federal budget cuts that will ground them beginning next monday. >> major loss, especially to this area and especially to the navy. this is a recruiting tool. >> these are the united states navy blue angels. >> since 1946, the blue angels and their acrobatic high speed stunts have wowed crowds and helped the navy with recruiting. but it's expensive pr and the navy must slash $4 billion. its share of the mandatory budget cuts. part of that is canceling the blue angel's regular season.
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an estimated savings of $20 million. >> right now we are waiting further guidance it find out what will happen for the blue angels practices as we continue into april and may. >> but the navy is not alone. the air force puts on a similar air show with the thunder birds, elite pilots demonstrating an f16. the same budget cuts forced the air force to cancel the remaining twenty shows in this year's thunder bird season. the blue angels typically perform in 70 shows a year. the navy already canceled all four shows scheduled for april. >> if they don't fly, if they don't do air shows, they'll have to practice. you have to be ready all the time. >> there's a growing complaints from fans. the blue angels hope to practice again next week, but again in air shows, budget cuts silenced the familiar roar of aviation's best known
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daredevils. mark strasburg, atlanta. >> yesterday, nearly 10,000 spectators gawked at the sky to watch what may be one of the blue angels final practices. philadelphia man risked his life to save a stranger who fell on the subway tracks. we have surveillance video here. you can see the victim, for whatever reason, he walked right off the edge of the platform and fell on to the tracks below. then this witness jumps down to help out. he stabilized the victim and alerted subway employees to stop the trains. >> there's so many times when people have been there for me. you know. and these people, i can't pay back. so the next best thing would be to pay it forward. >> he stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived. the man was treated at the hospital and he's expected to be okay. what's a tiny door at the base of a tree in golden gate park and it is enchanting the
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imaginations of visitors young and old. >> and kpix5 reporter, sharon chin, knocked on the door to learn what or who might live in there. >> nestled in the concourse among the trees is a single tree with a tiny door. the week long mystery draws curious eyes. >> you want to see? look. >> ella and riley came to see for themselves. >> what do you think might live inside that door? >> a beaver. >> something tiny. >> the discovery of the little door has made big news over the richmond blog. visitors arrive enchanted. >> i'm a lord of the rings fan. this reminds me of the hobbit. >> i am sticking with the keebler elf story. >> i'm going to go with the nomes.
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>> no one knows who hand carved and hinged the door that is the size of a cell phone. five-year-old ella left twigs. >> she wanted to make a bonfire. >> most children leave handwritten notes that brothers, rafael and olivia couldn't wait to read. >> how are you? i love cheesecake. >> do you really have magic in you? >> i had a hard time peering deep inside to investigate, so i borrowed a page from alice in wonderland to discover who or what is really in there. what did i find? >> open the door to your imagination and guess. >> well, san francisco parks ask rec says they don't encourage people to put doors on the trees. they will leave this one there in case any elves need a home. >> that is amazing. >> i have so many questions, what does it look like inside
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there? i understand. it was a little difficult to find. >> it was. that whole concourse area, there are some 50 trees and i went around most of them and had to enlist people to find it. that door is tiny. >> i can imagine. >> lots of happy, smiley people. >> is there a map somewhere? >> i think the closest that would be on the beyoung side, you'll get there much faster than i did. >> all right. well we'll lookout for it, thanks. >> nice job by elliot, your photographer. >> very impressive. >> thanks, sharon. >>well, we're going to check your weather. it's easter and we might be a little soggy out there. >> this would be called a speed bump on the way to springtime. we have ourselves rain. much needed rain fall. how many times we told you that, about 70, i've been counting. we'll get rain this weekend and also the risk of thunderstorms. easter plans still look like they may have to be amended if
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those plans will take you outside. you are thinking wow, i like this storm. 78 degrees in san jose. napa 78. heyward 77. a time it's 73 before the on or shore flow came back. half-moon bay, 65 degrees. now we have a few showers. one over daily city heading toward ocean beach, may get wet within the next five or ten minutes. we are tracking things. big changes, livermore, you were close to 80. tomorrow, 68. showers in the afternoon. easter, 65 and showers likely with a chance of a few thunderstorms. obviously, something is changing, let me show you what will be moving in. british columbia. that hits rarely do we see low pressure. this is what gave us the southerly flow. but now when the low gets closer to us, we aren't going to get the warm, we're going to get the storm and the showers will arrive, tomorrow afternoon is when we'll see showers.
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then low pressure right now, it's going to move right over top of the bay area. destabilizing the atmosphere. you get rain. more lift and the chance of thunderstorms. it is sunday afternoon. we carry a decent shot of hearing thunder late in the day on easter. showers, a couple arrive tonight. i don't see any washouts, but it will be wet at times, especially on sunday afternoon. please keep an eye to the sky if you go outside, especially sunday. livermore, 68. still above normal, just not as nearly as warm as today. your high 68. san mateo, 66. and ramon 68. and mid 60s for petaluma. san francisco 63 degrees. here's your extended forecast as the bunny hops around on easter. it is going to be pretty wet at times. highs in the mid 60s. we'll dry out for the first half of next week. more showers moving in thursday
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and friday. watch out on easter, rain is coming. >> all right. thanks very much. >> thanks, paul. >> like fine wine, how it's all about savoring chocolate. >> what scientists are learning about chocolate that actually makes it taste better.
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well, easter is sunday, a day known for lots of chocolate. what does chocolate have in common with wine? >> there are now fine chocolates. it's the growing movement of gourmet chocolate, generally most candy bars had less than
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20% cocoa. now, mores are creating bars with 60 to 100 percent. >> we are realizing that chocolate, just like coffee can be fruity. it can be bitter. these are feeling wonderful things that we are learning a lot about and we want to try. >> yeah, i love to try. there was more than 14,000 varieties of cocoa beans. the beans from madagascar taste better because of their unique dna. one of those bars will cost you about $18. >> $18 isn't cheap for a candy bar. >> chocolate has gone up. it's so expensive. our chocolate bars in our room is $1.25. why? it went from 80 cents to $1.25.
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i'm serious, you're making fun of the sports guy, why is it $1.25 to make it? >> it's not just a machine. >> be happy it's not $18. >> you know what? we're going to get to the bottom of it, that's for sure. >> who joined the elite 8 in college basketball if i have any time left. could they win it? we'll tip it off next.
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tonight, buster posey -- >> singles the go ahead run. 7th rbi of the spring. gi


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